Our Artists

About Our Artists…

We are so pleased to introduce our ever-growing community of Talented Artists, sharing their Gifts with us!


is a beautiful 22-year old who lives with her parents, Lou and Gigi. She does not speak with words but speaks through her painting, which brings her great satisfaction and pleasure. Emily attends Stepping Stones and is currently in a work-study program. In her free time, she loves to watch Mickey Mouse, Barney, and Little Bear! She prefers to have a structured routine and enjoys car rides with her Dad to all of her activities.

Emily was one of Patti’s first clients when she was going through certification in 2014 for this form of therapy. Patti describes how during the first time she painted with Emily, Gigi was sitting behind her, wiping away her own tears of joy… and that’s when Patti knew the impact of this healing work.

Over the past few years, Emily and her family have become part of Patti’s extended family. Emily uses sign language to communicate and will repeatedly sign Patti’s name to her parents to find out if she’s coming over that day!

Emily loves to paint and moves very quickly in her sessions, often painting up to four canvases in two hours with Patti’s guidance. Her parents have set up an Etsy page where Emily’s creations are available for purchase. Please visit www.etsy.com/shop/TheJoyOfEmily to support the creative gifts of this beautiful Artist!



is a cheerful, handsome 15-year old in high school who lives at home with his parents. He attends his local school and is raising awareness of Autism through an annual presentation he makes to his fellow students.

Besides painting, Jack likes to read, play video games, build LEGO models, and watch movies. He’s a fan of the Star Wars Saga and Marvel Avenger Series. His favorite color is red and his favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip! Someday he hopes to be either a video game or logo designer.

Jack has been painting with Patti for almost three years and has transitioned from directed painting to his own creative style!




is a tall, good-looking 16-year old, living with his Aunt April who adores him! The bond of love between these two is tangible and beautiful to witness. Dylan is fascinated with Disney and Pixar movies and has memorized the dialogue from almost all of them! When he is excited about his art therapy sessions, he recites the words quickly with emphatic arm movements, engaging us in his enthusiasm! He loves going to concerts and movies and enjoys playing baseball.

Dylan is home-schooled by April, with support from local teachers and is responsible for his own paper route. He has been working with Patti for two years and enjoys adding as many layers of paint as Patti will allow! Dylan loves having his art shared with others and is so proud of his creations!