Get Involved

Get Involved…

“It takes a village” to create change in our world! If our story touches your heart, perhaps you are meant to be a part of the change that we are creating. Come join us…

How you can help:

  1. Sponsor a Session ($50) or a Student for a month ($200)
  2. Donate funds, art supplies, canvases
  3. Volunteer your time to prepare art supplies, support Patti in sessions, promote / market the organization
  4. Raise funds through Grants – share our work with funders or let us know about potential funding opportunities
  5. Feature our artwork on the walls of your business – for the beauty of the art and / or to sell original canvases and raise funds
  6. Host a party to raise funds for sessions
  7. Share this program with facilities / schools to bring the therapy into educational settings
  8. Invite Patti to speak at your public or private event about the organization, featuring art work for sale to raise funds

Thank You!