Art With Intention

Art With Intention: The Story

Started with Family. Born from Love.

​When families are faced with the realities of Autism, Alzheimer’s, stroke, or other neurological or brain traumas… things can change forever. Patti McDonald is from one such family.

Many years ago, Patti’s father began his journey with Alzheimer’s. In the following ten years of learning and researching the varieties of resources and therapies available to support aging adults on this journey, Patti found a healing modality and training program that combined three distinct aspects to help not only those with Alzheimer’s, but other neurologic challenges including Autism and other brain injuries.

The three components of the program include:

  1. Neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to form new connections
  2. Crossing the midline – the ability to move limbs from one side of the body to the other
  3. Joyful, fun activities!

Excited by the results she was seeing, Patti brought this form of therapy into her father’s weekly routine. Witnessing not only his enjoyment and pride in his creations, but an enhancement in his mood and communication, she committed herself to a therapy training and certification program.

After her father’s transition in 2014, Patti’s passion and Gift for this creative and healing work was birthed through her new non-profit organization, Art With Intention.

Patti has a small yet growing local community of clients, including adults with Alzheimer’s and neurological trauma and talented young artists on the Autism Spectrum. Her vision is to build a Cincinnati-based Healing Center where trained and paid practitioners work side-by-side with passionate volunteers to support many, many clients… young and old… who delight in the creative process of this therapeutic art enrichment program.

​The therapy is not covered by traditional insurance and families facing neurological challenges rarely have the available resources for this ongoing form of therapy. That is why Art With Intention was created.

To spread the word.

To share the beauty.

To bring joyful, fun, healing activities to those families who could use the help.

​Thank you for supporting us!

           – Patti McDonald



How you can help:

  1. Sponsor a Session ($50) or a Student for a month ($200)
  2. Donate funds, art supplies, canvases
  3. Volunteer your time to prepare art supplies, support Patti in sessions, promote / market the organization
  4. Raise funds through Grants – share our work with funders or let us know about potential funding opportunities
  5. Feature our artwork on the walls of your business – for the beauty of the art and / or to sell original canvases and raise funds
  6. Host a party to raise funds for sessions
  7. Share this program with facilities / schools to bring the therapy into educational settings
  8. Invite Patti to speak at your public or private event about the organization, featuring art work for sale to raise funds


Thank You!